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Our Founders

Master Bren

-Founder & President of the A.R.T. of Leather Association

-Head Master of the A.R.T. of Leather Education Program

Master Bren is a fast learning and passionate partner and leader of 2 partners. She has been in the alternative lifestyle for a few years now, but her excitement, passion and drive has never declined for even a moment. Master Bren was first introduced to the lifestyle in 2013 when her friend brought her to Folsom Street Fair. A couple of years later she met her experienced lifelong partner and dove into exploring and learning everything she could – like a sponge. She was then introduced to a predominate and well renowned leather community in Salt Lake City UT and Las Vegas NV. Master Bren saw the respect and love everyone in their community shared and how welcome she felt in these places. After going home, she couldn’t stop thinking, “Why is this sense of belonging, respect and comfort not within the Sacramento scene?”. Many months later (and many long road trips to Salt Lake and Vegas), Master Bren realized that the leather community in these locations were based on a strong foundation of education and hands-on knowledge. After searching the Sacramento scene, and finding nothing comparable, she started thinking “Could I pioneer this journey for my community and help my community find a sense of worth, love and respect for each other?” Then the A.R.T of Leather education was born. It is built around similar ideas of respect, honor, love and hands on learning that has proven successful for many strong, well-known and tight knit communities. Master Bren’s goal is to improve our community with steady and consistent education and continuing to preserve our leather traditions and bring them out more in the community. 


In her time within the Sacramento scene, she is rapidly becoming known as a beacon of light for anyone who crosses her path by embodying her values of respect, honor, support, protocols, and of course, Leather.

Miss Sam

-Treasurer of A.R.T. of Leather Association

- Assistant Director of A.R.T. of Leather Education Program


Miss Sam identifies as a lesbian fem switch who has been in the alternative lifestyle for about 12 years now.  She takes the most pride in being Master Bren’s life partner for over 3 years. Miss Sam’s main goal is to support Master Bren and help the community grow together. She will be assisting Master Bren with the A.R.T of Leather education, in hopes of helping our local community learn to really respect, support and care for each other. You may find her by Master Bren's Side at events, messing around with their roommates, or sitting in the middle of the room in a sexy dress and looking good as ever with her sharp fiery red hair. She may look fierce but loves talking, supporting and getting to know the amazing people that are within our local community.

Miz Foxy

-Secretary of A.R.T. of Leather Associaton

-Co-Director of A.R.T. of Leather Education


MizFoxy is a switch that has been actively involved and serving the Sacramento community for over 2 years. She originates from a family history of bikers, military, and is second generation Leather.  While growing up, her father instilled in her Leather values of structure, respect and honor as pillars of how to live her life. She is loyal and kind to all but, is especially protective of anyone she calls her “Leather family”.  MizFoxy is known for her bright personality and welcoming demeanor. She is often seen as the life of the party and easily gets everyone around her to laugh and enjoy themselves in any situation. MizFoxy is an advocate for sexual assault victims. As a kind-hearted person, she offers help to anyone in the community that may need an ear or an advocate to help them through rough times.